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Open, view and extract DMG containers on Windows PCs without having to convert them into ISO or IMG files first. Programs installed from DMG files won't work on Windows directly.

DMG files usually contain OS X installation packages for software tools designed for Mac, but they may also contain images, videos, or audio and text files that may also be of use on a Windows PC. DMG Extractor is a Windows tool that will allow you to open, explore, view, and extract files from DMG containers, all in a straightforward and simple way.

Working with DMG Extractor resembles very much the way we work with WinZip, WinRAR, or any similar archive tool. DMG files are but image files or archives that may contain any number of files and folders, just like a ZIP file. Many of those files are usable only on a Mac, but others (like JPG images, TXT or XML documents, etc.) can equally be opened and used on a PC. This is what DMG Extractor does – it opens the archive and shows you all its contents. Then you can select the file and click on the “View” button to launch whatever program you associated to that type of file and examine its content. You can also extract all the files in the DMG file or just the file(s) selected, either in the current folder or in the folder of your choice.

This is as far as DMG Extractor goes – unlike tools like TransMac, you don’t have the possibility of creating new DMG image files using this tool, or of converting them into Windows-friendly formats (i.e. ISO) the way DGM2IMG does. DMG Extractor is what it claims to be – an application to open and mount DMG files in a simple and straightforward way. It would be nice if it included some more features (like the ones I just mentioned) but that doesn’t detract from the fact that it is an efficient tool worth checking.

Francisco Martínez
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